The India To-do List

I’m trying to keep straight what I need to get done and I have it written down in another document, but I think I’ll write it down here, too.  I’ll update this post frequently.  If anyone else thinks of something I need to do, let me know.

  • Get prescriptions filled
  • Make travel medicine kit, according to Dr. Olmstead’s advice.
  • Call my bank and credit card companies to a) let them know I’ll be using my cards out of the country and b) determine which one is going to be the best choice for India
  • Call Bank of America 48 hours before leaving (for whatever reason, that’s when they said they want to be notified.
  • Get traveler’s checks
  • Get new cell phone service (although I might just pick up a prepaid cell once I’m there; I’m still looking into this)
  • Organize documents that my family might need in my absence (Savannah’s health insurance info, bank info, where I’ll be staying and how they might contact me, passwords for some of my accounts, etc)
  • Send in application for traveler’s medical insurance (I already have it picked out, just have to apply and pay for it)  Bonus:  It’s super cheap! (ok, at least I think it is; I have no basis for comparison)
  • Buy a new camera and memory card
  • Buy Hindi phrasebook and possibly a guide book, too (anyone have one lying around?  I’ll take it) Got this done 6/21/10.  Also bought Lonely Planet’s India since I had a 40% off coupon for Borders.  The more I read, the more excited I am!
  • Get 2 more sets of passport photos
  • Pack once well in advance of leaving so I know it all fits
  • Get a Skype account
  • Buy a lot of little things I need

  1. Sleep sack
  2. Mosquito netting?
  3. Small quick-dry towel
  4. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
  5. Shaving oil
  6. Hiking boots?
  7. aLokSak
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Tampons
  10. Power adapter
  11. Travel size toiletries and 3oz plastic bottles
  12. Travel Ziplock bag
  13. Toilet paper (Funny, right?  It was recommended in one of the books I have about India.  Apparently, it’s not necessarily readily available.  So what are you to wipe with?  Your left hand.  I do want to try a lot of the things that India has to offer, but some I can definitely do without.)
  14. Ear plugs and eye shade
  15. Rick Stevens bag and messenger bag?
  16. Something for water purification, but only if it’s not too big and expensive
  17. Hair ties
  18. Notebook
  19. Headlamp and batteries, once again if not too big and expensive

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